3 Teens Kill 4

A series of documents related to 3 Teens Kill 4 from the Brian Butterick archives

Brian Butterick in 1984 with 3 Teens Kill 4 at Danceteria from the Brian Butterick archives. Photo Credit: Daniel Falghero

Flyers and handbills of performances by Three Teens Kill Four (Butterick Family Collection)

3 Teens Kill 4 Greetings Card and Brian Butterick 3TK4 Business Card
3TK4 Peppermint Lounge
3TK4 Peppermint Lounge
Three Teens Kill Four at the Peppermint Lounge
3TK4 Virgin Records Rejection Letter
3TK4 Virgin Records Rejection Letter
3TK4 Badge-A-Minit Pin
Flyer mock-up for an album wrapping party at the Pyramid Club
Photo: Dirk Rowntree. First 3TK4 Gig. Benefit at Tier 3.

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