Flyers from the Pyramid Club

3 Teens Kill 4 – a collection of flyers and handbills.

Cards – Featuring John Kelly, Hapi Phace, Audrey White and other fixtures of the ’80’s East Village

A series of handbills from the Danceteria. Brian Butterick worked along side notables such as David Wojnarowicz, Jesse Hultberg and Keith Haring as a busboy at the Danceteria before moving on to the Pyramid Club.

Both Madonna and 3 Teens Kill 4 performed at the Danceteria benefit for Michael Stewart held on October 3, 1983. Stewart, a graffiti artist and sometimes busboy at the Pyramid Club was a victim of police brutality. Wikipedia. The T-Shirt pictured here was sold at this event. Handbill picture from the Robert Lund archives at Used by permission.

Danceteria Drink Ticket (Front)
Danceteria Drink Ticket (Rear)

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